"Sinful Cities of the Western World" DE LEEUW, Hendrik

To arouse the Western World to the horror of the barter of human flesh, Hendrik de Leeuw has written this powerful and most revealing book.

Supported by a vast array of irrefutable evidence, the author becomes guide and interpreter along the scarlet trails through our own hemisphere.

Through the vicious purlieus of the Barbary States, in Algiers and Tangier, Marrakesh (France's segregated prostitution district), Sidi-Bel-Abbes (the playground of the Foreign Legionnaire), Marseilles (the center of Europe's white slave trade), Paris (with its cocottes and peepholes), Amsterdam and Hitler's Berlin (the ne plus ultra of sadistic, masochistic and homosexual excesses), the exotic pilgrimage takes us, until the underground vices of hypocritical New York are spread before us in ruthless detail.

This is not only a sociological record, substantiating the sordid findings of the League of Nations' special committee on white slavery and prostitution, but a vivid and startling story.

The hotbeds of white slavery, the hell-roaring debaucheries of the Moors, the cesspools of mixed sin in Europe and American point the finger of scorn at Western hypocrisy, which purports to have civilized the world and freed its women from shame, and instead has fostered in its midst sinks of varied pleasures that rival the open sings of the Orient.

Hendrik De Leeuw

The Citadel Press

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