"A Dance To The Music Of Time [Complete 12 Vol Series]" 1961-1977 POWELL, Anthony

POWELL, Anthony


7 3/8" x 5 3/8"

A complete 12 volume set of Anthony Powell's series A Dance to the Music of Time.

Anthony Powell wrote the 12-novel sequence called Dance to the Music of Time during the years 1950-1974.

Anthony Powell's A Dance to the Music of Time is an example of the roman fleuve, or "river novel" and is intended to be read as a unity. As such, it is often compared to Marcel Proust's masterwork, A la recherche de temps perdu. Dance constitutes a sort of history of the twentieth century British life: it follows upper-middle class narrator Nicholas Jenkins and his contemporaries throughout a rapidly changing world from 1921 to 1971, with coverage weighed more heavily to the earlier years. (12)

All volumes have the James Broom-Lynne dust jackets

1. A Question Of Upbringing. 1961 reprint. [230] pp.
2. A Buyer's Market. 1976 reprint. [274] pp.
3. The Acceptance World. 1977 reprint. [214] pp.
4. At Lady Molly's. 1958 Second Printing. [239] pp.
5. Casanova's Chinese Restaurant. 1974 reprint. [229] pp.
6. The Kindly Ones. 1962 First Edition. [254] pp.
7. The Valley Of Bones. 1964 First Edition. [243] pp.
8. The Soldier's Art. 1975 reprint. [228] pp.
9. The Military Philosophers. 1968 First Edition. [244] pp.
10. Books Do Furnish A Room. 1975 reprint. [241] pp.
11. Temporary Kings. 1975 reprint. [280] pp.
12. Hearing Secret Harmonies. 1975 First Edition. [272] pp.

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