Thank you for visiting our distinctive & colourful 15k lot/ $8m website.

Here then is a video of our spectacular 'warehouses'/ vintage showrooms.

You'll find more info below the video.

The Cary Collection is widely acknowledged to be the foremost dealer in colourful vintage product that curates the glamorous lifestyle from a bygone era where we've amassed a staggering/ choice, archival collection.

Our distinctive product has been featured in Bergdorf Goodman NYC/ Neiman-Marcus US/ Polo Ralph Lauren US/ UK/ & Kate Spade Worldwide and now sought-after by savvy design aesthetes/ enthusiasts alike.

Furthermore, we are adding unique vintage finds daily to our already impressive site. 

We now have a dedicated TCC crew of talented staff assigned to cataloging, processing, and fulfilling orders from our formidable collection.

Much of this distinctive, one-of-a-kind inventory has never-before been available for purchase to our consumer audience.

We look forward then to the opportunity to add your name to our chosen clientele.


Thomas C. Cary

(Founder & CCO)