"A.M. Cassandre" 1991

[138] pp.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Culture Foundation


11" x 9"

Exhibition Catalog from the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum, 2 June - 14 July, 1991. Beautiful color reproductions of Cassandre's iconic posters. Cassandre (1901 -1968) was an influential Ukrainian-French painter, commercial poster artist, and typeface designer. Inspired by cubism as well as surrealism, he earned a reputation with works such as Bûcheron (Woodcutter), a poster created for a cabinetmaker that won first prize at the 1925 Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs. His posters are memorable for their innovative graphic design and extremely high level of artistry. Foreword by Susumu Suzuki. Preface (in French) by Alain Weill. With essays by Kenshiro Takami and Yusaka Kamekura.

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