"Alberto Pinto: Corporate Contemporary Offices" 2006

Alberto Pinto's signature designs are synonymous with opulence and style.

Internationally renowned for his designs for palaces, luxurious residences, and prestigious apartments, he has also turned his talents to the service of the corporate world, collaborating regularly with Howard P. Ronson and his group HRO to create some of the most spectacular office spaces in Europe and the United States.

Foyers, boardrooms, and the problems of traffic flow receive the designer's full attention in his quest to improve daily life for the buildings' occupants and visitors and to reflect the image of the corporations that reside within them.

From Whitehall and HRO's own headquarters in the heart of Manhattan to Junghof Plaza in Frankfurt and the Defense Plaza in Paris, color photographs and sketches illustrate the designer's diverse visions of the contemporary working space.


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