For Whom The Cloche Tolls" 1953 WILSON, Angus and JULLIAN, Philippe

A Scrap-Book Of The Twenties

WILSON, Angus and JULLIAN, Philippe

[74] pp.



6 1/8" x 10"

"Maisie had two small children, left over from a marriage abruptly terminated by something called World War I. But the War was over now, and Maisie wasn't about to let either widowhood or motherhood stand in the way of the pleasures of peace. So with youth and beauty intact, and with two outrageous kids in tow, Maisie headed for Europe to make the 1920's a time to remember. For herself. For her children. And for readers who have discovered the most delightful heroine of the decade-- the 1970's, that is..."

*jacket spine separating from rear panel*

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