'Private Newport: At Home and In The Garden' by Bettie Bearden-Pardee

Newport, Rhode Island, blessed with stunning ocean vistas and constant sea breezes, is home to some of the most exceptional private residences in America.

Its deeply rooted history makes it a perennial destination, with more than 3.5 million visitors each year.

Although it is one of the most high profile towns in the country, Newport is also one of the most cloistered.

Private Newport: At Home and in the Garden offers an invitation to venture beyond the privet hedges and massive iron gates.

It is the first book to step inside the privately owned mansions to reveal a diverse collection of architectural jewels complemented by spectacular gardens.

These homes, created by distinguished architects and landscape designers, are stunning examples of Newport's 375-year "old-world" heritage.

Eighteen exquisite and unique homes are prominently featured-from the resilient crescent curve of majestic Seafair, which withstood the Hurricane of '38, to the prizewinning Japanese garden at Wildacre, to the nostalgic working farm of heritage breeds at Swiss Village-each contributing its own part to the "Eden of America."

Bettie Bearden Pardee

Bulfinch Press

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