"Rencontres d'Une Vie 1945-1984" LE-TAN, Pierre (INSCRIBED)

Encounters of a Lifetime (Reminiscences of Mr. P.)

(Souvenirs de M. P.)

Pierre Le-Tan (1950-2019) was a French illustrator and painter.

[111] pp.



Warmly inscribed to:
Julien Green (1900–1998) was an American writer who authored several novels (The Dark Journey, The Closed Garden, Moira, Each Man in His Darkness, the Dixie trilogy, etc.), a four-volume autobiography (The Green Paradise, The War at Sixteen, Love in America and Restless Youth) and his famous Diary (in nineteen volumes, 1919–1998). He wrote primarily in French and was the first non-French national to be elected to the Académie française.


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