"Seaward & Stearn Royal Blue w/ Red Shotgun Shells English Silk Club Tie"

Sz: 57" x 3 1/2"

Country Collection

Handmade in London by Seaward & Stearn.

Each pattern is individually designed and hand crafted from the finest fabrics.  

Adhering to traditional methods of tie making by hand and using only the finest fabrics, Seaward & Stearn remains one of the very few English tie-making companies designing and coloring its own style of fabric.  

Each tie is made with a dual lining of cotton and wool to retain shape and insure recovery for a beautiful long-lasting tie.
Owning a Seaward & Stearn tie is akin to owning a fine piece of art.

It was colored by an artist and made by hand. Handmade ties designed, colored, and manufactured exclusively in London, England.

- 100% woven silk, 
- Handmade in England.

*BB pink OCBD shirt sold separately*

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