"The Andover Shop x Winthrop House Harvard University Burgundy Silk Tie" (SOLD)

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John Winthrop House (commonly Winthrop House) is one of twelve undergraduate residential Houses at Harvard University. It is home to approximately 400 upperclass undergraduates.

Winthrop house consists of two buildings, Standish Hall and Gore Hall, flanking the venerable Kaneb Courtyard, originally freshman dormitories built in 1912. In 1931 they were joined as John Winthrop House, one of the seven original Harvard houses in which students reside from sophomore through senior years. Historically, Winthrop was also one of the first Harvard houses open to Catholic and Jewish students. Winthrop House maintains an affiliation with Davenport College at Yale University.

The house's name honors two notable men who shared the name "John Winthrop"—the first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, as well as his descendant, an 18th-century astronomer who was both a Harvard professor and president of the university. The house shield is from the Winthrop family coat of arms: a lion with three chevrons in the background. In heraldic language, the blazon of the house shield is "Argent three chevrons Gules overall a lion rampant Sable."

Winthrop House's most famous former inhabitant was President John F. Kennedy. Harvard University maintains Kennedy's former senior year dorm room in Gore Hall as a private room for guests of the university, especially political notables who visit Harvard Kennedy School. The room has been renovated and redecorated by the Institute of Politics in order to make it more accommodating to visiting guests. The study is furnished with a plaque commemorating the late President Kennedy, a leather couch, and a large rug, along with framed photographs of Kennedy. The Kennedy Suite's bedroom has two twin beds, as well as a shelf of books written by and about President Kennedy.

Other notable Winthrop alumni include United States Massachusetts Senators Edward Kennedy (D) and Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. (R; He lost his seat to the aforementioned JFK. He was actually a resident of Standish Hall, which is now part of Winthrop House); Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke; CEO of Goldman Sachs Lloyd Blankfein; UCLA professor and national security expert Amy Zegart; Berkeley professor and torture expert John Yoo; Clinton administration Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin; United States Representative Barney Frank (D); conservative African-American activist Alan Keyes; conservative anti-tax lobbyist Grover Norquist; Nixon administration cabinet official and Watergate figure Elliot Richardson; Harvard Law School Professor Charles Nesson; Minnesota Speaker of the House Paul Thissen; Beauty and the Geek Season 3 winner Alan "Scooter" Zackheim; and Comedian and comedy writer B. J. Novak . During his freshman year, the nuclear weapons pioneer J. Robert Oppenheimer lived in Standish Hall. Author James von der Heydt served as Resident Dean of Winthrop House in 2006. Gabe Newell briefly lived in Winthrop House prior to leaving the university.