"The Memoirs Of Chrystianne De Chatou" 1950 JULLIAN, Philippe and SWAN, Michael

JULLIAN, Philippe and SWAN, Michael

[124] pp.



8 1/4" x 5 3/8"

Illustrated by Phillipe Jullian

The readers of this book may wonder why the memoirs of a well-known Frenchwoman should make their first appearance in the English language. It is to repair an injustice.

Philippe Jullian, real name Philippe Simounet (1919 Ð 1977) was a French illustrator, art historian, biographer, aesthete, novelist and dandy. He notably collaborated with Angus Wilson (1913 Ð 1991), on a social satire entitled 'For Whom the Cloche Tolls: A Scrap-Book of the Twenties' (1953). The publication of this so-called 'memoir' by Chrystianne de Chatou, edited by Jullian and Swan, has given the lady in question 'the sixth greatest happiness of her life' - a bogus and entertaining work.

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