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A-D Presents Paul Rand

4.5" x 3.5"


4-Fold Pamphlet Containing 24 Cards

By Robert L. Leslie
Art Director’s Club, 1947

Black folder containing 24 black and white plates of Rand’s work. This exhibition ran from March 31-May 29, 1947. A truly rare piece.

Booklet text:
Ten years ago I published the work of Paul Rand in PM Magazine. I felt then as I do now that he has brought to graphic design a fresh point of view. His work has always been daring. Making use of simple elements, he employs his imagination and is able to convey a picture which is not easily forgotten.

Designers who seek inspiration can always turn to the work of Paul Rand for stimulation and new ideas. Industrial design and art for commerce are enhanced by his fine work. A.D. Gallery is proud to present Paul Rand because we feel that he has a distinct message and he knows how to sell it.

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