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"Bouquet" 1933 Stern, G. [Gladys] B. [Bronwyn]

Stern, G. [Gladys] B. [Bronwyn]

[263] pp.

Alfred A. Knopf


Third Printing

8" x 5"

Gladys Bronwyn Stern (1890-1973) was an author and critic whose prose has been called brilliant, irresistible, and hilarious as she recounts her 1926 tour of the French vineyards with her husband, Johnny, and her friends, Rosemary and Humphrey (and it was to these three that she dedicated the book). The New York Times in 1927 called this book " a triumphal tour - Mrs. Stern has set it down with that happy sense of humor, that perfect eye for the ridiculous and that instinctive understanding of French character that lifts 'Bouquet' very far from the usual dry book about wine.". We were captivated with the opening line: "I have had so much work to do that I have not had time to get drunk for several weeks, and, signore, my health is suffering from it".

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