Rare Books

"El Morocco Family Album" 1937 by John Perona

Privately Printed

[62] pp.

Federal Printing Service, N.Y.C

Rare society, bespoke title: "John Perona's El Morocco Family Album" by the consummate arbiters of early/ mid 20th century 'escort/ walker' gents' style,

with photographs by Jerome Zerbe 

and an introduction by Lucius Beebe

This glamorous tome was privately-printed expressly for the 'smart' blue blood, Hollywood/ Manhattan martini; cocktail of choice, swank set who patronized this zebra-stripe, embellished establishment, hence it's still immense, aesthetic desirability!

Our (2) pristine, never-seen as glorious as these before, 'presentation' copies chronicling throughout the 62 pp. of decadent, b&w photo images replete with tux-clad gents along side their oh-so-swell, posh ladies are still ensconced in their (83) yr old cardboard 'gift' envelopes together with the scarce insert:

'Compliments of John Perona'

2 available