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"Leleu Decorateurs Ensembliers" 2007 SIRIEX, Francoise (SOLD)

SIRIEX, Francoise

[480] pp.

Editions Monell Hayot


11 1/4" x 9 1/2"

Fine/ Fine

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Decorator-architects, furniture and textile designers, the Leleus leave a name synonym with luxury, French creation in its highest quality level, in noble material. Leleu was one of the greatest French-decoration houses from the 1920s to 1948, under the leadership of Jules Leleu, then from 1948 to 1970, under the direction of André Leleu.

The Leleu style, born with the beginning of the Art Deco period, evolved until 1973. The house worked in all the domains, interior decoration, furniture, panelling, material, carpets, lighting, with the collaboration of numerous artists: carpets by Da Silva Bruhns, tapestry cartoons by Gernez, Kaskoff, mural tapestries by Hilaire, Lurçat, Picart-le-Doux, furniture painting by Brayer, Chapelain-Michy, Despierres, lacquerware by Bobot, Dunand, Hamanaka, art ironwork by Brandt, Subes, sculptures by Dejean, Revol... Leleu decorated numerous liners, including Le France, and furnished several French and foreign embassies, the Elysée dining-romm, and head-of-state residences.

This book was realised under the direction of Françoise Siriex, who worked his whole career within Maison Leleu.