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"Licence Renewed" 1981 GARDNER, John


[270] pp.

Jonathan Cape and Hodder & Stoughton


8" x 5.5"

Jacket design by Mon Moham, using a commissioned water-colour painting by Richard Choping, and featuring a Browning 9mm long 1903

The first of John Gardner's novels featuring Ian Fleming's secret agent. Bond has been assigned to investigate one Dr. Anton Murik, a brilliant nuclear physicist who is thought to have been meeting with a terrorist known as Franco. Together they plan to hijack six nuclear power plants around the world and start a global meltdown, unless Bond can stop them...

Licence Renewed (published in American editions as License Renewed) , first published in 1981, is the first novel by John Gardner featuring Ian Fleming's secret agent, James Bond. It was the first proper James Bond novel (not counting novelizations and a faux biography) since Kingsley Amis's Colonel Sun in 1968. When Licence Renewed begins, M reminds Bond that the 00 section has in fact been abolished; however, M retains Bond as a troubleshooter, telling him "You'll always be 007 to me"

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