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"London Is A Man's Town [But Women Go There]" 1930 JOSEPHY, Helen and MCBRIDE, Mary Margaret (SOLD)


[355] pp.

Coward-McCann, Inc


Jacket by Helen E. Hokinson

8 1/2" x 6"


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London might be a man’s town, but this travel guide, geared towards socially inclined Americans, is just the sort of book Wallis Simpson might have found useful when she first moved across the Atlantic (it was published in that era). It includes sections on the best hotels, tailors, clubs, and restaurants (with emphasis on the boldfaced names to be seen in each). The book is uncommon; the dust jacket even more so.

“We think it’s a pity Americans who rent country houses in England can’t take on the owners, too, so that they may be shown how to properly enjoy the places.”

--Helen Josephy