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"What'll You Have? A Not Too Dry Text Book About Cocktails" 1933 PROSKAUER, Julien J. [compiled and edited by]

PROSKAUER, Julien J. [compiled and edited by]

[128] pp.

A.L. Burt Company


First Printing

8 1/4" x 5 7/8"

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Julien Proskauer was not a bartender or representative of the restaurant Industry, but instead he was a magician and the President of the Society of American Magicians as well as a friend of Harry Houdini. That didn't stop him from writing one of the America's most sought-after post prohibition cocktail books. This first printing was published in November 1933, one month before the actual repeal of prohibition in the United States. Proskauer compiled this book of wine information and cocktail recipes from many previous pre prohibition cocktail guides, including Wehman's Bartender's Guide and The Standard Handbook of Wines and Liquors. The first half of the book contains information on how to classify, open, serve, and make wines, as well as some other pertinent information on wines. The second part of the book contains information on whiskies, brandies, liquors and cordials, as well as recipes for mixed drinks, cocktails, and appetizers and mid evening dishes. The cocktail section contains recipes one the one side of the page and an area for your own recipes on the other. It is also complimented with a glassware chart and toasts from the gay nineties. A spectacular prohibition era cocktail book in attractive, very good condition.

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