Beach & Island

Maine Coastal Harbour Scene

Classic watercolour depicting a Maine coastal harbour signed (LR) 1920s

W.C. Puddefoot

Art Sz: 7"H x 15 1/2"W

Frame Sz: 12 1/2"H x 20 3/4"W

w/ coral mat & antique bamboo frame

Reverend William George Puddefoot [1842-1925] (also known as W C Puddefoot) was an artist, traveler, lecturer and the field secretary for the American Home Missionary Society [1826-1893].

For his work, Puddefoot traveled all over the US, lecturing and doing missionary work, including: Iowa, Minnesota, Indiana Pennsylvania, California and Connecticut.  He was known for being an extremely colorful character especially in his sermons and lectures.  Puddefoot wrote the book Minute Man on the Frontier in 1895.  As an artist, Puddefoot was most known for his watercolors of landscapes and waterscapes.

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