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Colonel James "Keith" Fraser 1880 by Sir Leslie Ward

Classic "Spy" aka Sir Leslie Ward 1880 colour-portrait of Keith from Vanity Fair's Men of The Day folio this gent being No. 219.

Print Sz: 13 3/8"H x 8 1/8"W

Frame Sz: 20"H x 14"W

w/ billiard green mat & gilt bamboo frame

In 1855 he was Military Attache in Vienna. He was appointed Companion, Order of St Michael and St George (C.M.G.). He gained the rank of Colonel in the 1st Life Guards. He was Inspector General of the Cavalry in Great Britain and Ireland in 1891.

He died on July 31, 1895 at the age of 62, on board the yacht "Mirage" at Southampton. 

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