"Coronation Cup" 1987 GILBERT, Terence [Painted by]

Plate Sz: 16 3/4"H x 25"W

Frame Sz: 23 3/4"H x 31 3/4"W

Pencil signed LL

Published 1992 by Thomas Ross Limited Binfield, England

England v. North America at The Guard's Polo Club, Windsor Great Park. In the presence of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to whom this plate is, with permission, respectfully dedicated by the publishers-Thomas Ross.

(Dark Blue)
1. William Lucas
2. Alan Kent
3. Julian Hipwood
Bk. Howard Hipwood

North America
1. Michael Azzaro
2. Rob Walton
3. Owen Rinehart
Bk. Dale Smicklas

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