Fine Art

Design For A Console & Dining Table For Monte Carlo

Original design sketches for David Linley's exquisite, bespoke table furniture inspired by the Monte Carlo Casino which is priced at $100,000

Art Sz: 30 3/4"H x 19 1/2"W

Frame Sz: 31 3/4"H x 20 1/2"W

Linley opened a workshop in Dorking, where he designed and made furniture for three years before setting up his own company, David Linley Furniture Limited (now known as Linley), where he makes bespoke furniture, upholstery, and interior design products known for their neoclassical appearance and use of inlaid woods. He has written numerous books and lectured around the world. His work is sold in retail stores in Belgravia, Harrods, and overseas, including the Bespoke Collection.

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