Fine Art

"International Field Meadow Brook Club" 1939 BROWN, Paul

New York, published and copyrighted 1939 by Robert B. Strawbridge, Jr.

Numbered limited edition 53/ 60 privately printed hand-colored aquatint

This is by far the scarcest print Bown executed, as the only examples observed were in the possession of the Brown family. 

Art Sz: 17.5"H x 26"W
Frame Sz: 25.5"H x 33.5"W

In French matt

w/ original pencil remarque to Charles H. Jackson Jr. Very sincerely Paul Brown

w/ 16 vignette polo clubs (bottom left to right): Wanders/ Ranelagh/ Cooperstown/ Meadow Brook Magpies/ Meadow Brook/ Great Neck/ Argentine/ Midwick/ Orange County/ Sands Point/ Hurricanes/ Santa Paula/ Templeton/ Aurora/ Greentree & Old Westbury

Charles Hervey "Pete" Jackson Jr. (1898 - 1978) was an American rancher, investor and polo player.

Early life
Charles H. Jackson Jr. was born on April 12, 1898, and grew up in Albany, New York. He was the grand-nephew of U.S. President Chester A. Arthur.

Jackson, briefly a banker, was interested in agriculture and became a rancher when he journeyed west and bought the Alisal ranch in the Santa Ynez Valley at auction in 1943. He built it up as a guest ranch, opening to the public in 1946. For a period of time the ranch was known for attracting celebrity visitors; Clark Gable married Lady Sylvia Ashley there in 1949. Under the management of his son it became more popular as a family destination.

Equestrian interests
Jackson was a co-founder of the Santa Barbara Riding and Hunt Club, in the suburb of Hope Ranch, alongside Amy DuPont, Charles E. Jenkins, Harold S. Chase, Dwight Murphy, C.K.G. Billings, John Mitchell, George Owen Knapp, Peter Cooper Bryce, Col. G. Watson French and F.W. Leadbetter in the 1920s.

He acquired 25 polo ponies from Argentina in 1933.

Personal life
Jackson married (Marcia) Ann Gavit on September 7, 1926 at Santa Barbara, California. She was an heiress to the Anthony N. Brady fortune, and was described at the time as "Albany's wealthiest girl" and "one of the wealthiest heiresses in America". They resided in Rancho San Carlos in Montecito, California, a 237-acre (96 ha) estate near Santa Barbara.

In 1958, they acquired part of the old Hammond estate, which was divided up between Wiliam G. Gilmore of Atherton, the President of Gilmore Steel; L.C. Smith, a contractor from San Francisco; and the Jacksons. Some of the old Hammond estate later became Shalawa Meadow, California.

Death and legacy
Jackson died in 1978. His widow died in 1990. Their Rancho San Carlos was inherited by his grandson, Jim Jackson, who listed it for US$125 million in 2014.

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