Fine Art

Richard Britton (b.1931-) Gamebirds Oil on Canvas from the C.Z. Guest Estate

Art Sz: 5 1/2"H x 7 1/2"W

Frame Sz: 8"H x 9 3/4"W

Oil on Canvas

Artist Biography: Living in the heart of the English countryside, Richard Britton works from his home studio. A dedicated animal lover and conservationist, he illustrates his subjects within their natural settings. He became a full-time professional artist in 1968 and has exhibited with the Society of Wildlife Artists, the Society of Equestrian Artists and the Pastel Society. His work has featured in exhibitions in London, America and the Netherlands. Originally trained as a production engineer, Richard Britton also attended the Birmingham School of Art, where he studied portraiture, life drawing and sculpture. After National Service as a commissioned officer, he realised the importance of art in his life and directed his energies to that end. Following his first London exhibition in 1976, he spent 6 months in South Africa at the invitation of the South African Department of Nature Conservation, painting endangered species. He has subsequently visited South Africa and America to paint racehorses. He is an international full-bore rifleman and has shot and coached for Great Britain over the last 30 years. The majority of his work is executed in oils or water-based media and, over the years, his original work has been sold all over the world. He is ever-aware of the need for world-wide nature conservation and a number of his paintings have been used for the promotion of environmental causes of this kind.

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