Fine Art

“The Maryland Hunt Cup" Hand-Watercolor 1966 Map by Robert Eldredge (SOLD)

w/ past (1894-1963) 67 MHC winning owners' silks

Art Sz: 18 1/4"H x 24 1/4"W

Limited Edition: 32/ 100

Provenance: The Butlers' Canvasback Inn Perryville, MD where it hung in the restaurant bar

Robert Eldredge (1930-2020) created beautiful maps of the Maryland fox hunting country and maps of the Maryland Hunt Cup course that are treasured today. He is also the creator of the illustrations in Peter Winants’s book Jay Trump,”

The Maryland Hunt Cup is a Timber race, which is an American Steeplechase. It was first run on May 26 1894 and won by Johnny Miller. Eight horses have won the race three times but no horse has won it four times. It is considered one of the most difficult steeplechase races in the world. Fred Winter, a famous English horse trainer who attended Jay Trump's 1966 race, was asked about bringing a horse over for the Maryland Hunt Cup, he responded "Why I wouldn't dare!" Two undefeated winners, Jay Trump (1963, 1964 and 1966) and Ben Nevis II (1977, 1978), went on to win the Grand National in England. Both horses are in the Hall of Fame.

The Maryland Hunt Cup is four miles long with 22 timber fences. Its permanent home is in Worthington Valley, Maryland.

The race has been run each year since 1894, except for three years during the Second World War, 1943 – 1945