Fine Art

"White Smoke, Red Sky" 1968 by Nicholas Krushenick

Nicholas Krushenick (May 31, 1929 – February 5, 1999) was an American abstract painter whose artistic style straddled the line between Op Art, Pop Art, Abstract Expressionism, Minimalism and Color Field. He was active in the New York art scene in the 1960s and 1970s, before he withdrew and focused his time as a professor at the University of Maryland for almost thirty years until his death in 1999. Initially experimenting with a more Abstract Expressionist inspired style and cut paper collage, Krushenick is more well known for his paintings which use bold Liquitex colors and juxtaposing black lines, which fall under the category of pop abstraction. In fact, he is a singular figure within that style.

Limited edition of 250 by one of the forerunners of the Pop Art movement

circa 1968

Art Sz: 7"H x 6"W

Frame Sz: 11"H x 9"W

1 available