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"Samantha At Saratoga; Or, "Flirtin' With Fashion" 1887 HOLLEY, Marietta

HOLLEY, Marietta

[583] pp.

Hubbard Brothers, Publishers


8" x 5 1/2"

Illustrated by Frederick Opper

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Marietta Holley (pen names, Jemyma, later, Josiah Allen's Wife; July 16, 1836 – March 1, 1926), was an American humorist who used satire to comment on U.S. society and politics. Holley enjoyed a prolific writing career and was a bestselling author in the late 19th century, though she was largely forgotten by the time of her death. Her writing was frequently compared to that of Mark Twain and Edgar Nye. Along with Frances Miriam Whitcher and Ann S. Stephens, Holley is remembered as one of America's most significant early female humorists. Holley's work appealed to all classes of society. Her readers are scattered over the entire world and include men and women of every station and grade. Her books are widely read in Europe

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