Horse Racing

"The Benson And Hedges Book Of Racing Colours" 1973 (SOLD)

[320] pp. + [19] pp. index

1st Edition

Weather Oak Press Limited


12" x 8.5"

Rarely seen in this pristine condition w/ no chips or tears to the dust wrapper

A pictorial dictionary of racing colours; as much a work of graphic art as a reference book. Each page contains a grid of 30 line drawings of a jockey shirt and cap with the colours and names of the owners. The whole makes a stunning graphic design book.

'Here is the perfect book of reference for all those racing people interested not only in contemporary racing colours but also in their history.
In these 364 pages of superb colour are depicted nearly 10,000 registered owners' racing colours, each one carefully drawn by hand and beautifully reproduced.
As a work of art and as a reference book, The Benson and Hedges Book of Racing Colours is unique in its field, magnificently printed and bound with a wealth of information and interest.'