Peal & Co. Mc I. Fox-Hunter's Riding c1930s Boot Trunk w/ 3 Trays

Bedminster, NJ Equestrian Private Collection of:
Harold 'Hank' Vogel, of E. Vogel Bespoke Boots & Shoe Co. of New York
2nd Husband to Jacqueline Mars (Candy Heiress w/ Net Worth $33.4B)
now of The Plains, VA

Peal & Co 487 Oxford Street (1886-1958)

Trunk Sz: 28"W x 20"H x 15"D

Contents Include:
2 Pair of Peal & Co Black Leather Riding Boots:

(1st) Benchmade For Deborah Kneeland
(2nd) Benchmade for Mrs. Jay Coogan
1 Peal & Co Boot Jack 23"L
Pair of Peal & Co Saddle Leather 6 Eyelet Legging Wraps 12.75"
Top Tray: 3 Metal English Hoof Guards
1 Kent Brush 11"L
3 Yates Crown "Blacking" Tins
2 Propert's Cloth and Leather Ball Packets
2 E. Tautz & Sons Leather Ball Packets
1 Peal & Co. "For Polishing Only" Felt Boot Pillow
1 Peal & Co. Bristle Brush 7.5"L
1 Pure Bristle Brush 7"H
2 Horse-Bits
1 "Instructions to Clean Scarlet Coat" Sheet
1 Navy Leather Compact Sz: 1-3/8"
1 Peal & Co. Silver Boot Horn Sz: 12-1/8"
Pair of Mc I. Boot Pulls w/ Ebony Handles Sz: 7.75"L x 3.5"W

EXTREMELY RARE.  c1900 Peal & Co English leather boot trunk with all the accessories made for an early 20th Century American gentleman from a Far Hills, NJ area estate where it descended in the family.  This line of the family owned the high end riding boot company, Vogel Boots in NYC that has been around since the 19th century, so they had the finest in leather goods.

Rare to find a trunk like this, which can be used as a coffee table, etc., but the most important thing is it is filled with all the original riding accessories that a early 20th century gentleman would need.  Includes three trays that each lift out for holding riding boots, etc.  The lower trays have dividers.  This is somewhat of a time capsule of early horse riding days.    

The underside of the lid has two boot hooks and two horns, each marked "Peal & Co. 487 Oxford St." with ebony  or rosewood handles.  The two hooks are monogrammed "McI" which is actually individual silver letters applied to the wood (can't imagine how expensive this would be to have done today).  

The top tray is filled with the accessories:

1.) Three pewter screw top containers each marked "Yates / Crown" on the underside and the middle one marked "Blacking." on top.

2.) Leather sheath with an animal bone perhaps used for buffing.  Long brush marked "Kent"  Iron boot scraper and smaller brush.

3.) 2 wood handles with screw ends, boot brush marked Kent Pure Bristle, wooden cylindrical container filled screw top filled with powder, Old instructions for cleaning riding coats, pin cushion, Tauntz & Sons leather ball in original box, Propert's cloth and leather ball, A Peal & Co. polishing pad, dark colored polishing pad.  

4.) Top: Three stainless steel riding boot cuffs, below: A large leather boot brush (unmarked) a round Kent Pure Bristle brush, a brass fitting; below: A metal and wood boot stretcher, A Klipper Kit leather cased brush (this piece has weak leather, one button detached, a thin brush marked Ebony and a satinwood brush marked "Peal & Co. Another Tauntz & Sons leather ball in original box and Propert's cloth and leather ball, plus one without its lid.

Also contains several wooden boot jacks in lower trays.

Condition:  Leather shows very nice patina from age.  Straps are still intact and work. Lock still in working order.  This piece was owned by a fine leather maker, so they knew how to ensure that the leather stayed in good condition.  Wonderful smells of leather goods when opened.  Very clean considering age and use.  General wear from use.

Trunk has the same "McI" monogram on the top. Lid of trunk is marked "Peal & Co." This was a "best of the best" in it's day, definitely not for the common man.

19" H x 27-1/2" W x 15" D

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