Andy Warhol

"Greetings From Andy (Warhol): Christmas At Tiffany's" 2004 LORING, John

[95] pp.

in (cut-out) slipcase

Illustrations by Andy Warhol

Harry Abrams


8" x 7 1/4" 

Fine/ Fine

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Before he dove into Pop Art and counterculture films, Andy Warhol swam in the mainstream. He was a successful commercial artist and justifiably so—his work from this period is quite wonderful. Tiffany was one of his clients. This book reproduces the charming and clever drawings and paintings he created for Tiffany to repurpose as Christmas cards. Each image is paired with a Warhol quotation on the holidays, most taken from his diaries or other writings. Though published only two decades ago, this book is already out of print.

“The poetry of life’s little surface pleasures never escaped Andy’s notice, and a Warhol anthology of these pleasures greets us in his cards for Christmas.”

--John Loring

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