"Pininfarina: Architect of Cars" FROSTICK, Michael


[214] pp.

10" x 7.5"

Dalton Watson Ltd

"This, the second volume in the Pininfarina story, is concerned with the company's change from traditional coachbuilding to being designers for the mass market, manufacturers of small series and artist-engineers deeply committed and highly equipped to plan and prototype the vehicles of tomorrow.
By 1958 Battista (Pinin)'s son Sergio and son-in-law Renzo Carli had moved the company into a new factory at Grugliasco and the way it was made clear for the development of their own mass-production capabilities with Fiat Spiders and Peugeot Coupés, to name but two.
In the specialist field sports car design exercises as the Fiat 130 Coupé have demonstrated that none of the flair has been lost-
though by then there was a large design staff at work in the new Study and Research Centre which now boasts such technology as a Wind Tunnel, a computer and in 1976, Numerical Control Machines.

All this is told in pictures in this absorbing book where the evidence of one's eyes shows quite clearly that through all the years, the flair for design has neither been lost nor the skills forgotton."

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