"Antonio Citterio: Industrial Designer" 2005 BASSI, Alberto

BASSI, Alberto

[191] pp.

Electa Architecture


10 7/8" x 8 1/2"

Antonio Citterio (born 1950, in Meda) is an Italian architect, furniture designer and industrial designer who lives and works in Milan.

A volume on the architect Antonio Citterio's activity as an industrial designer has to reflect several different spheres of interest: first of all it is intended to document a complex and rich career, in quality as well as quantity, that over the course of thirty yeas has made him one of the greatest of Italian designers, active at the national and international level through his collaboration with numerous important manufacturers. The aim of this volume is, on the one hand, to provide tools for an historical analysis of the designer's development, and on the other to embark on a critical examination of his work that will be capable of setting his activity in an appropriate perspective, one that sees it is relation to the changes that have occurred in the culture of design and business and, more generally, in society and individual patterns of behavior.

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