"From Lascaux To Brooklyn" 1996 RAND, Paul

Hailed upon its publication as discriminating, erudite, and eclectic, From Lascaux to Brooklyn published in 1996, the year of Paul Rand's death, the volume embarks on a wonderful journey from the time before graphic design to the author's own studio work and beyond.

An excellent companion to Rand's Design, Form, and Chaos, this influential book awakens readers to the lessons of the cave paintings of Lascaux and demonstrates how this learning is later conveyed in artworks ranging from the Tower of Pisa to a Cezanne painting, an African sculpture, or a park in Brooklyn.

Topics discussed include the relationship between art and business, the presentation of design concepts to prospective clients, the debate over typographic style, and the aesthetics of combinatorial geometry.

This book engages and enlightens anyone interested in the practice or theory of graphic design.

Paul Rand


Yale University Press

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