"Innovators Of Twentieth Century Style" 2001 Christie's Los Angeles

"Innovators of Twentieth Century Style Including Property From The Archives of Raymond Loewy"

[109] pp.

w/ 262 lots

Christie's Los Angeles


10 1/2" x 8 1/4

The sale featured the Archive of Raymond Loewy (1893- 1986). About 70 lots of Raymond Loewy ephemera including drawings of the S1 Locomotive for Pennsylvania Railroad, and the Greyhound Sceniccruiser ca. 1935, the RL 1934 Hupmobile classic, the Avanti car for Studebaker, and other concept cars, a group of NASA ephemera from the period when Loewy, with John F. Kennedy's recommendation started working on the Saturn Apollo Skylab mission, including 23 notebooks with Loewy's photographs and drawings, etc. The sale also had furniture by William Haines (66 lots), and furniture by James Mont.

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