"Savoir-Faire: Great Traditions In French Elegance" 1995 RIVAL, Pierre and BAUDOT, Francois

RIVAL, Pierre and BAUDOT, Francois

[225] pp.

Flammarion/ Comite Colbert


12 1/2" x 9 3/4"

France is the world's largest exporter of luxury goods and this fascinating volume places these products and their manufacture into historical and cultural context, examining the history, techniques, and contemporary trends in the luxury crafts for which France is most famous. French notions of quality and culture are explored, along with the repercussions of today's association of traditional crafts with modern technology.
Nine chapters, each providing in-depth treatment of one craft, explore the traditions, techniques and artistry which contribute to the great diversity of French craftsmanship. Written in a lively and informative style, the test is based on a series of interviews conducted in the vineyards, traditional workshops, and modern laboratories of today's luxury goods' industries. An illustrated overview identifies landmark dates and key personalities in the history and modern development of each craft; a glossary and bibliography provide complementary information.

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