"Millbrook Hunt Coverts And Fixtures Map" (SOLD)

Sz: 31 1/2"H x 21 3/8"W

About The Millbrook Hunt:
Founded in the 1890’s, the Millbrook Hunt is widely acknowledged as one of the premier equestrian organizations in North America and has been a fixture here for over 100 years. The presence of the Millbrook Hunt supports and enhances the character and atmosphere of our area and helps to maintain the overall quality of life and historic traditions of our region.

The Hunt sponsors equestrian-related events, including trail rides, hunter paces, hunter trials and hound and puppy shows, many of which are open to the entire community. The Hunt also maintains riding trails at its own expense.

A most important benefit of the Millbrook Hunt has been to strengthen the concept of “open space” in the greater Millbrook area and it plays a vital role in supporting land conservation and stewardship and the preservation of wildlife habitats. The equestrian traditions of Millbrook are a critical element in the broad effort to contain development in the the countryside, thereby maintaining the rural and agrarian spirit which is a foundation of our community.

The Masters and the Board of Governors wish to thank the landowners and all who support the Millbrook Hunt.