"O Rio De Janeiro: A Photographic Journal" 1986 WEBER, Bruce

14.5" x 11.25"


Alfred A. Knopf

Weber's scarce and influential scrapbook-style book set in Rio de Janeiro. On a road-trip to Rio Weber photographed models and locals on the beach, in bars, in hotels. He captures the heat, the youthful exuberance and the sexual energy of the city. The portraits are set against a mix of landscape shots, still lifes, news photos and Giglio's drawings. There is an extended section of photographs of the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu champion Rickson Gracie. It is one of Weber's most influential books; it brought a new sense of glamour and sensuality to the Brazilian capital and paved the way for many more fashion shoots and photographers. The book was published to accompany an exhibition at the Robert Miller Gallery, New York. Design by Sam Shahid, Rise Daniels, Donald Sterzin. Styling by Joe McKenna.

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