"This Is Fashion" 1943 BURRIS-MEYER, Elizabeth

Fashion! You wear it, play it, buy it, sell it, lead it, follow it, write it, draw it, sing it.


[409] pp.

Harper & Brothers Publishers


First Edition

9 7/8" x 8"

Illustrated Eleanor Beckham

32 pages of illustrations w/ 145 mounted color samples


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Fashions are the fingerprints of history. Read who made them, when, where, what and how, from the time of the Pharaohs until today.

MRS. BURRIS-MEYER'S conviction that fashions are the "fingerprints" of history is bravely pursued in her review of historical fashion covering the personalities of each period and the backgrounds they lived in, as well as their clothes, cosmetics, coiffures and accessories.

In the 1943 book This is Fashion, author Elizabeth Burris-Meyer explains "1936 — Schiaparelli introduced a member of the magenta family as Parlor Pink; later famous (1938) as Shocking Pink with only a slightly less blue cast to it."

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