"The Europeans: Photographs By Tina Barney" 2005 BARNEY, Tina (SIGNED)

[191] pp.

Steidl/ Barbican


First Edition

9 3/4" x 12"

Fine/ Fine

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Tina Barney: The Europeans presents a selection of 21 sumptuous photographs from the artist’s larger body of work by the same name. With an eye for detail, composition and color, American photographer Tina Barney creates images renowned for their seductive beauty and poignant insight. Between 1996 and 2004, Barney traveled to Austria, England, Italy, Spain, France and Germany with a large-format camera, lights and assistants. With the help of friends and curators who provided introductions and her own natural instinct for propriety, Barney gained access to the inner circle of the Old World elite. She worked quickly and closely with her subjects devising scenes and relationships, colors and patterns that lead the eye through the image while engendering narratives both melancholic and endearing.

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