"Wright & McGill: The Mark of The World's Best Tackle"

Wright & McGill Denver, CO 'Genuine' Eagle Claw Hooks

(They Hook and Hold) salesman's sample fishing tackle c.1930 folio. 

15 pp./ 14.75" x 10.5" binder displaying 478 steel 'sample' hooks in artistically arranged patterns

Shown in pristine condition in faux-navy leatherette embossed boards w/ striking russet orange letter art-deco era graphics stating 'The Mark of The World's Best Tackle'

The 29 ring spiral-bound contents include:

laminated pp w/ navy blue Rockies mountain peak graphics @ base

together w/ flying eagle whose talons are clutching a brook trout image

A classic angling 'catch' for the fisherman's library

Alternatively, the 15 plates could be archivally framed individually for the sportsman's study

1 available