"The Official Mixer's Manual" DUFFY, Patrick Gavin

DUFFY, Patrick Gavin

[299] pp.

Ray Long & Richard R. Smith


1st Edition

8 3/4" x 6 1/4"

Ray Long and Richard R. Smith New York (1934), 1934. First Edition. Octavo, original red cloth, stamped in orange, 299 pages, twin spiral bound, frontis photograph of author. Classic collection of cocktails by the chief bartender at the Ashland House. Includes: Breakfast Cocktail, Casino Cocktail, Duke of Marlborough, Honolulu Cocktail, Jockey Club Cocktail, Racquet Club Cocktail, Savoy Hotel Cocktail, Waldorf Cocktail, etc. A very scarce title to be found in original dustjacket.

Amongst the long since forgotten frothy rarities include:

Adonis Cocktail/ Angler Cocktail/ Breakfast Cocktail/ Casino Cocktail/

Claridge Cocktail/ Duke of Marlborough Cocktail/ Dunhill's Cocktail/

Honolulu Cocktail/ Humpty Dumpty Cocktail/ Jockey Club Cocktail/

Millionaire Cocktail/ Queen Elizabeth Cocktail/ Racquet Club Cocktail/

Rolls~Royce Cocktail/ Saratoga Cocktail/ Savoy Hotel Cocktail/

Tuxedo Cocktail/ Waldorf Cocktail & Yachting Club Cocktail/

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