"A Fall Of Moondust" 1961 CLARKE, Arthur C.

[248] pp.

CLARKE, Arthur C.

1st Edition

Harcourt, Brace & World, Inc.


8.25" x 5.75"

Jacket design by Arthur Hawkins

*(staining and damp wrinkling lower edge, w/ corresponding damage to dj)*

Although as Clarke himself pointed out in a 1951 Letter to the Editor of Astounding magazine (John Campbell), it had already been shown (using radar) that moondust was to likely be only about 1mm thick, over solid rock, and not the "deep blankets of dust" as predicted by Dr. Thomas Gold. Clarke goes on to comment that this disproof of Gold's theory "didn't prevent me from writing A Fall of Moondust almost a decade later." [Clarke, Astounding Days].

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