"A Snob In The Kitchen" 1967 Simonetta

The Book Which Proves Beyond Doubt That Simplicity Is The Epitome Of Sophisticated Entertaining

[167] pp.



First Edition

Drawings by H.R.H. Giovanni de Bourbon

9 1/2" x 6 1/2"


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In this chic and impossible-to-find cookbook, the premise is that simplicity is the main ingredient of sophisticated dining. It was written by the famous mid-Twentieth Century Sicilian dressmaker who first took up cooking to pass the time while a World War II political prisoner. She put her recipes to paper two decades later when she moved her fashion house from Rome to Paris and began sharing menu ideas with this book’s illustrator, Prince Giovanni de Bourbon. Dishes include Mickey Mouse Soufflé, Lemonated Lobster, Harlequin Soufflé, and Hangover Salad (suggested by the Prince).

‘Meglio l’uovo che la gallina domain!’ (It’s better to eat an egg today than a hen tomorrow).”


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