"A Tourist In Africa" 1960 WAUGH, Evelyn

WAUGH, Evelyn

[167] pp.

Chapman & Hall Ltd


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When one thinks of Evelyn Waugh, words like obstinate, misanthropic, and curmudgeonly come to mind—qualities that could make him a disagreeable traveling companion. He was, however, one of the greatest writers of his generation, and from the comfortable distance of the written word, he is agreeable company. His diary of a 1959 sea, air, and rail journey through Kenya, Tanzania, and central Africa garnered raves from the New York Times and Wall Street Journal when it was first published in the waning days of the British Empire. This English Edition has a more attractive dust jacket than its American counterpart.

“The Masai are, I suppose, the most easily recognizable people in Africa. Their physical beauty and the extreme trouble they take to adorn it have popularized their photographs in geographical magazines and tourist advertisements all over the world.”

--Evelyn Waugh

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