"Abercrombie & Fitch x James Dixon & Sons c1920s Silver Plate & Blown Glass Cocktail Pitcher"

Sz: 15 3/4"H x 5"D @ rim base


Made in England 

EP (electroplate)


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A silver plate and glass cocktail pitcher with mixing plunger. This is a rare piece when found in this size. This type of mixer was a popular way to make a larger number of mixed cocktails, or even perfect for iced teas, or lemonades. It comprises simply of a tube-shaped vessel with spout with flat base for stability, and a fully removable lid through which runs a long stem connected at the base to a conical plunger with holes in. All of which can easily be taken apart for cleaning after use.

To use the piece simply fill with all of the desired ingredients, even adding ice and or fruit, and then pass the plunger up and down to mix all the contents of the vessel. This process in itself is very fun and will also cause quite the kerfuffle with onlookers! The lid element can be rotated during this part to seal it off and reduce the risk of any spillage. Once the contents have settled down, this same lid part can be rotated to reveal the perforated opening that will strain the contents whilst pouring the liquid.

Not just a fabulous and dramatic looking statement piece for any bar, it is also sure to be the life and soul of any party! 

The lid is fully stamped for highly regarded, and very well-known English silversmiths, James Dixon & Sons. Among a huge variety of items made, they were prolific manufacturers of quality items for the home and for travel. They manufactured pieces for a number of luxury English retailers from the nineteenth through the twentieth century.

The condition of the piece is superb throughout. There are no issues or chips to the glass and the silver plate is all original, in very good condition, and ready to be enjoyed. it can be used to make a variety of cocktail along the lines of Sangrias, fruit punches, Pimm's, along with more traditional Martinis and Manhattans. The mixer was made in Sheffield, England, circa 1920's.

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