"Alten- Red Letter Days The Salmon Fishing Diaries Of Colonel Sir North Dalrymple-Hamilton" 2009 FLURY, Roy

FLURY, Roy [edited and compiled by]

[106] pp.

Privately Printed by Charles B. Wood III, Inc.


There are 150 copies of the standard edition bound by Acme Bookbinders in cloth of which this is copy no. 73

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Diaries of Col. Dalrymple-Hamilton on the sporting waters of the Alten river in northern Norway, leased to his friend the Duke of Roxburghe. The diaries cover the years 1913, 1920-1923, and 1929, with a chapter on subsequent trips.

"A very fine salmon fisherman, North Dalrymple-Hamilton was also an enthusiastic diarist. Not only did he keep a personal diary of his own fishing, but he and the Duke of Roxburghe kept records of all fish caught on their visits to Alten between 1910 and 1934. He wrote a particularly detailed report, the size of a small book, on the events of 1929, and soon after this he was inspired to complete his "Red Letter Days," an account written by hand and bound in leather. This is the first published edition of that manuscript, privately published by Charles B. Wood III, and edited by Roy Flury, the author (with Theodore Dalenson) of Alten (1991) and Alten Reflections (1993). 

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