"American English" 2003 PRINCE, Richard (SOLD)

PRINCE, Richard

Sadie Coles HQ, London


8.75" x 6"

Sadie Coles HQ & Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther Konig, London & Koln, GERMANY, 2003. Pictorial Wrappers. Condition: As New. First Edition 1/1400. np, profusely illustrated in color. Published in conjunction with a 2003 Sadie Coles HQ exhibition in London, this bibliomaniacal Richard Prince artist's book pits full-page photographic images of English first editions of treasured tomes from his library across the truck from their American counterparts - creating a frisson not unlike that of "Kittenwar". It includes the artist's essay "Collecting: Bringing It All Back Home - A Day in the Life of a Book Collector Suggests that the Impulses Behind Collecting are Part Obsession, Part Quest and Part Fantasy". A brand new, pristine example of the first and only edition (artist's book entry 33 in "Bibliotheque d'un Amateur: Richard Prince's Publications 1981-2012") limited to one thousand, four hundred unnumbered copies. Artist's Book.