American Fabrics Number 14 Summer 1950

[113] pp.

Reporter Publications, Incorporated


14 1/2" x 11"

Classic apparel publication replete with designs & fabric swatches throughout

w/ famous clan tartans article

w/ engraving of Bonnie Prince Charlie in full Highland dress on cover

The Story of Clan Tartans (these chapters became "A.F.`s creative project no.1: Clan Tartans, 36 pages of authentic information, illustrations and color reproductions relating to the history of Clan Tartans and their utilization as a universal Fabric Fashion. Replete with full-color reproductions of both authentic Scottish Highland Costume and the Tartans which are the mark of all major Clans; suggestions as to how the textile and fashion industries can use Clan Tartans as a stimulus to trade; background material relating to a number of the Scottish prominent Clans, together with a listing of all of the well known Family Names and Septs.

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