"An Indiscreet Guide To Soho" 1953 JACKSON, Stanley

JACKSON, Stanley

[134] pp.

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(With cover design by James Fitton A.R.A.)

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In this book, Stanley Jackson, who knows his Soho intimately and has lived in this colourful area, writes vividly of this West End backwash of London.

The famous and the notorious rub shoulders. The historical past walks in the crowded and furious hurly-burly of to-day. Francis Thompson and De Quincey step out of the pages into the joints, clubs and pubs with which the Author deals so refreshingly.

Where and what to eat - and why; the gay desperadoes, the honest workers; the shopkeepers and the loungers; rich and poor; pure and so pure - all these are discussed imaginatively, realistically and with the skillful pen which has made Stanley Jackson such a master of the art of reportage.

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