"Armand Albert Rateau Un Baroque Chez Les Modernes" 2000 OLIVIER-VIAL, Franck et RATEAU, Francois

OLIVIER-VIAL, Franck et RATEAU, Francois

[239] pp.

Les Editions De L'Amateur


12 1/2" x 9 5/8"

Armand-Albert Rateau (1882–1938) was a French furniture maker and interior designer. In 2006, The Grove Encyclopedia of Decorative Arts characterized him as "the most eminent of the ensembliers, the high-style designer-decorators" who worked with luxury materials for the socially elite. In 2012, Architectural Digest described him as "one of the most exclusive interior designers of the 1920s."Two of his more notable achievements are the bronze furniture of his manufacture and the designs he assembled in decorating the apartment of Jeanne Lanvin.

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